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Whether you drive a car, truck, motorcycle, or even race car, Motorhead Garage is THE destination for finding the latest aftermarket parts and accessories.  It’s also the best place to advertise your automotive product to Motorheads all over North America.

Motorhead Garage airs in millions of homes on MotorTrend, REVTV Canada, Rev’n, and youtube.  Each week, host Dave Dobson and his guests introduce the latest in cutting-edge technology and show viewers how to install the latest products on the market.  From daily drivers to rugged off-road vehicles, to high-performance racing machines, we have it all on Motorhead Garage.

No matter if you’re looking for a quick and effective emergency leak repair or a bullet proof means for securing nearly any material from fuel lines, radiator hoses to header wraps.  This innovative tool is a must have addition to any shop or tool chest.

ClampTite quickly replaces ineffective or damaged conventional hose clamps with a temporary or permanent clamping mechanism formed from stainless steel safety wire.